Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wtf is all I can say right now. I am not a fucking maid or the chick that just gets you off. If I didn't clean this house would be on hoarders. For the last week I had too much on my plate between Christmas, work, and the kids I'm lucky I had enough time to shit. Not one person did the dishes, laundry or dusted the entire week. Today I took the time to do the laundry and clean the bathroom. What did the husband and kids do while I was doing that...they went downstairs and played on the PlayStation (for hours). I'm so fucking sick and tired of doing everything around here. He lives like a fucking pig and I can't stand it.

If not every morning, every other morning I do what I can to satisfy my husband sexually. If we aren't having sex he's either getting a bj or a hand job. Did it this morning and in return (like usual) I got nothing. He rolled out of bed and made himself a fucking omelette and then asked if I wanted one (knowing that I don't like omelettes). Last night he was snuggling in bed and got hard. I rolled over and said, "someone's awake." His reply, "don't flatter yourself." You fucking prick. I'm sure he's cheating on me again (3rd times the charm). He gives nothing, just takes. Fuck this shit. 

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