Sunday, September 6, 2015

Thank God the week is over!

Seriously had the craziest, most nerve testing week I've had in a very long time. It was a crazy week between working, chores and getting the kids where they needed to be but with a little extra excitement. Did I want to write back? Yup. Did I? Nope. I need to be level headed again. I don't mean mentally healthy because I am, I mean I have to have my shit together and not be so stressed or crazed. I'm sure it was just some sort of set up anyway, at least that's what all the other times were. Trying to catch me in a lie, trying to prove I would cheat, trying to prove I haven't changed. Things are much different for me now. He wouldn't even recognize me anymore. I'm the most beautiful I have ever looked. But besides that, I'm not weak anymore. I am strong with self confidence and self worth. I'm 99% of the time happy and smiling. I rarely cry (I try to shed only tears of happiness). I'm just whole and healthy. I can survive on my own. I don't need a man to depend on like I have in the past. Damn I feel so good about myself, it's so amazing.

Maybe one day. Maybe one day he will contact me and genuinely want to. I don't think that was the case this time. I think it was a set up. One day...maybe.

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