Saturday, May 16, 2015

Let's get real

I've made mistakes in life. We all have. But what I can say is that I've learned from every mistake I've made, I've owned up to them and I've become a better person because of them. When I cheated on my husband I sent an email to close friends and family explaining my mistake and asking them to not think badly of my then husband because he was a good man and did nothing wrong. When I write on Facebook about my exes I always mention that I'm not referring to my ex-husband. When I turned into a liar and a person I didn't even recognize in the mirror, I owned up to all that shit. I made sure everyone knew my faults. Of course I'm not an idiot...I realize that owning up to my mistakes doesn't make them right. But what I also know is that I'm open and honest. I don't put on a false look and I'm completely an open book. 

What I have a problem with are the ones that put up the false front (especially on Facebook). YOU did not buy a home. YOU did not buy that car. What YOU have is all because of someone else. Yet you let people believe that all is yours. People fall for your crap because you are an attractive person. It's obvious. If you take away others money and belongings, you would have nothing. I walked away from my marriage and didn't take a fucking thing. Not furniture or money. I didn't take spousal support and I didn't take child support. I struggled and borrowed but I never let people think that I was "rolling in the money" because I was purchased finer things by others. Do you specifically use others for what they can give you? How horrible. I know you're a hard worker so why use others for what they can buy you? I know it and your friends know it. Just be honest. It's not that hard. 

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