Friday, May 8, 2015

Freakin Doctors!

So I went to the doctors on Tuesday but before I went I had my annual blood tests done. Because of the medications I have been on for years they like to monitor my levels. No big deal, small price to pay for being mentally healthy. So while I'm there the doctor asks if she can do an EKG to get a baseline for my heart (now that I'm moving up in age). Sure, no pain, no problem. The doctor comes back in the room and proceeds to tell me that my test came back abnormal. It seems as though one of my chambers is not pumping properly to my extremities. She called it diffuse low voltage. She proceeds to tell me that this could be caused by several different things but most are not my case. She says she's hoping for the results of my blood tests to show an issue with my thyroid which could be causing my heart issue. I should hopefully just be able to take a pill for my thyroid and that should fix everything. She tells me not to worry, not to change my diet or excercise. Just go about my normal routine. Are you fucking kidding me? My heart isn't pumping properly but don't change anything, stay calm and wait for my call. Since Tuesday I did a ton of research, emailed my doctor twice and called today. The test results are in but my doctor hasn't reviewed them yet. Seriously...what the actual fuck!? I'm over here thinking I could kick it at anytime and the nurse can't get her to read the results. I hate this doctor. My old doctor who retired a few years ago would have called me right away. Dr. Gina's replacement is gonna get drop kicked...if not by me, by my husband. Ugh. So frustrated. We are talking about my heart!!!!

Rant over...time to go be the strong momma again.

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