Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I've been wanting to write this for awhile now but haven't had time to get on my computer. I don't care if zero or a million people read this. These are not just my words, they are my thoughts and emotions. I am so happy to say that I AM BEAUTIFUL! I've always considered myself the cute girl and not the head turner. I have never truly believed I am beautiful. But something happened. Over the last few years my head has been getting clearer and clearer. I'm at the point now where I never think negative thoughts, I almost always have a smile on my face, my head is held high, I walk beside and not behind, and I'm perfectly fine with my looks. I thought I was good in the head before and I said I was finally back to being the person I was before I lost myself but I'm so happy that I took it further. I'm actually better than the person I was before I was ill. I am truly the best person I can be. The person I have always wanted to be. The following is a conversation that took place at work:

Man: "You are hella cute"
Me: "No, I'm not"
Man: "You definitely are"
Me: "No, I'm not cute. I'm beautiful"
I turned and walked away

I have NEVER told anyone I thought I was beautiful. I have the self confidence to hold my head high and know that someone else's opinion on me really doesn't matter. I'm not cocky, I finallu have self esteem. It is such a wonderful thing to have and the best part is I'm not waiting for the ball to drop. This is not a temporary state of mind.

I'm the woman I've always wanted to be!!!

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