Friday, July 25, 2014

It's been a long time...

Stepping off the private elevator I stopped and stared as I entered the suite. It was beautiful and huge and nothing like I had ever seen before. I quickly wandered over to the huge window and looked out over the city lights. I felt like the world was in my hands. I could stare out this window for the rest of my life. It wasn't long before my thoughts were interrupted as he put his hands around my waist from behind. Pushing my hair off to the side he began to kiss my neck. As I slowly turned to face him we engaged in a kiss. A deep kiss full of passion and energy. Time stood still...or so it seemed. With a flawless move he had my jeans around my ankles.  "If we continue we may miss our dinner reservations," I say while trying to catch my breathe.  "I would rather have you for dinner," he says as he lifts my shirt over my head. Naked and in front of this beautiful man that I consider my soul mate. He lifts me and lays me on the beautiful glass top dining table. As the cold stings through my body I am able to catch a glimpse of him slipping out of his jeans. He's already hard. He's hard for me. Without any foreplay he slams into me shifting me across the table. I instantly grab onto the sides of the table for leverage. He pounds himself into me deeper and deeper and I can feel him so far inside me. Just as I'm getting my bearings  he lifts me  up. "Face the window," he says with desire in his eyes. I do as I'm told because the only thing I can think about is pleasing him. I place my hands firmly on the window and bend over bracing myself knowing that he is going to take me from behind. With a quick thrust he is in me again. As I rock back and force to meet each thrust I look up. Tons of people below the lights and all going about their business. I feel powerful. I feel dirty. "We have to make this quick if we want that dinner," he says as I can tell he's getting ready to come. With a few more jolts I'm torn apart. Coming all around him and he has filled me up inside. We both drop to the floor staring at each other. "You are so beautiful." The words linger in the air as I take it all in. Him, my orgasm, the suite, the city and I know that  this is more than I could have ever dreamed of. As I rise off the floor the large window is again in front of me and I can only notice one thing this time, my hand prints on the glass. I peak over at the glass top table and see my ass print. I smile. I am his. 

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