Sunday, December 16, 2012


Just like the rest of the Country, I am deeply saddened at the school shooting that took place in CT the other day.  I have children and unfortunately was unable to hug my kids that evening.  I was having a hard time with situation because I wasn't able to see them. On top of everything I was asked by someone to not react lovingly to my children when I do see them.  So here I am...grieving and am asked to not grieve in my own way.  Now I'm placed in a position to please other people and keep the peace...once again. 

I thought the presidents speech was exactly how it should have been...heartfelt, teary, loving, concerned, and ready to take action.  I posted the following status on Facebook:

Fine! You shed a tear during your speech today, President Obama. Now do something about it damn it!
I'm fired up.  I'm mad.  I'm pissed that things of this nature continue to happen and nothing changes.  Columbine, mall shootings...we've lived through too many.  When is something going to change?  When I wrote this people automatically assumed I was referring to gun control laws.  Although I do believe something needs to change in that department, I was more referring to a change in the mental health system.  I do believe that it's not the guns that kill people, it's the people behind them.  Although I am not a hunter and do not own a gun, I do believe that their are plenty of responsible owners of guns in this world.  Men and women fight everyday in war FOR OUR FREEDOM using guns. I do not believe the appropriate help is available for people with mental health issues.  This is what I see as more of a problem.  If guns did not exist I don't think this would stop someone mentally ill from having thoughts that they already have.  Someone with a mental illness that is already thinking irrationally is not all of a sudden going to stop and say, "Hey!  Guns are illegal, I can't do that."  A stabbing occurred in China the same day at the school shooting.  22 students were stabbed.  Stabbed...not shot.  Lunatics make bombs.  What about 9/11? Planes were used to kill people.  It's not just about the guns people!!!!
Earlier today I received a message from the father of a friend on Facebook.  I am not friends with this gentleman.  He wrote:
Don't be an ass. Let us grieve first including the pres.
I responded with "Excuse me?" Although he has read my message, he has not replied.  I still don't understand how I am the ass in all this?  Did my status about the president say he should not be allowed to grieve with the rest of us?  Did my status about the president say he should take action and make a change that very second?  NO!  I did not say either of those.  But, I am tired of this happening.  Change needs to be made.  I know laws don't change overnight but damn something about it.  In a month, two months, a year, not one of us will remember the names of those victims (unless you were directly affected).  But I guarantee we will all remember the name of the shooter.  This is so incredibly wrong.  I'm sick to my stomach and even more disgusted at the fact that someone who knows nothing about me feels the need to call me an ass for (1) expressing MY opinions on MY Facebook page in which he should not be looking at and (2) jumping to conclusions and assuming things.
We are all grieving, we are all saddened (including the president).  Calling someone an ass or telling them how to act around your own children doesn't really solve anything, now does it?
If no change is made...God bless us all!

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