Saturday, March 3, 2012

Are you jealous or do you just hate me?

I'm having a hard time in my life right now.  I have someone that is either completely jealous of me or really, really hates me.  I do think that I am a good person with a good heart and yes, I do know people that actually use the word "hate" when they describe me, but for the most part I'm a likeable person.  A few weeks ago I started receiving emails from a mysterious individual (assuming it's a girl).  The person felt the need to remind me of a time that I choose to forget.  I was not the best person in the world for a period of my life and the emails are constant reminders of that.  I have received several emails from this person and as they go on, they get worse and worse for me.

It doesn't stop at the emails seems as though this person felt the need to create a profile and put my pictures up on a dating site.  I started receiving calls/voicemails and text messages from random men.  After several complaints to the dating site, the profile has been taken down.  Don't know if they took it down or if she did, but it is gone.  When I saw my pictures on that dating site, I actually cried.  It was disturbing. 

I know people will always say to ignore people like this, but that's just not me.  Things like this really do bother me and tend to stick with me.  I have a good idea as to who is behind this, but I don't have proof.  I'm sad that my past is being brought back.  I'm sad that I care so much about it.  I'm sad that I don't feel as strong as I thought I was.

I've made mistakes over the past month, I'm not perfect...this is know.  But good Lord, I do a good enough job complicating my life on my own...I really don't need anyone elses help with this.

Unfortunately, the story does not end here...but this blog does.


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