Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I am very anti-smoking and anti-drugs.  I tried pot when I was like 13 and it did absolutely nothing so I never did it again.  Here's what I don't understand...what about the people that are like me when it comes to smoking and drugs but yet they go to the bar, get drunk and then drive home?  I don't give a f*ck if you are driving 1 minute to your house...1 minute is enough time to kill yourself and possibly others when you are driving drunk.  When I go out it is always decided ahead of time who will be drinking and who will be driving.  Never do we sway from our choice and everyone gets home safe.  I hate when a friend calls me up or texts me and says they are out and are drunk.  I always ask if they have a ride home and are safe.  Usually it's the same answer, "Nah, I'm ok."  Bull shit!  You think you may be ok but you aren't and God be with you if you take someone elses life because of your stupidity.

I had a friend a few years back that was going through AA and I was his support person.  When he felt down and needed to talk or when he felt like he wanted to drink, he would call me.  I was his voice of reason.  I am so proud that he had chosen me to be the one to lean on.  I did a wonderful job and looked out for this guy like he was my son.  I believe that people come into your life for a very specific reason.  Now that he is through the treatment and doing great, he doesn't contact me anymore.  I was shocked when our friendship ended but at the same time I like to think that I served my purpose in his life when it was needed the most.  I do still pray for him and hope that he is well.

I was never a big drinker.  I never did the bar scene and I never really went drinking when I turned 21.  I didn't really start to "drink" until after I got divorced.  I dated a guy that had alcohol in the house at all times and he drank regularly.  That was very different for me and I did find myself drinking more during that time of my life.  I was also very depressed with incredibly low self esteem which didn't help with the drinking :(  Now I will have 1 or 2 drinks when I go out with friends but I don't drink to get drunk.  I am almost always the driver so it's not even an option.  I did get drunk the other week but I was not the driver and WOW it has been a loooooong time since I was like that.

I remember a time when I was younger and I went to Pizza Hut with my parents for dinner.  My dad ordered one beer.  I remember the glass was really tall.  He drank that one beer and then we got in the car to drive home.  I put up the biggest stink EVER in the car.  I was pissed and lecturing him because he had a beer and was driving us home.  Looking back now I know that he was perfectly fine to drive but I was devastated at the time thinking he was putting us all at risk by driving.

Please be responsible.  If you are going to drink...fine.  But be an adult about it.  Call someone to come get you or call a cab.  So what you have to go back the next day to get your car.  At least you will know that you made it home safe and sound and so did everyone else in your path.


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  1. I always beg my friends to call me for a ride if they have been drinking. I will drive to Philly in a heartbeat for them.