Sunday, January 29, 2012

That Enchanting, Magnetic, Unusual, Wonderful Feeling I set two of my good friends up on a blind date.  They have been chatting with each other for a week and set the dinner date for last night.  Up until 5 minutes before the date they had been texting me ALL THE TIME about each other and how excited and nervous they are.  They seem to get along perfectly (online).  So once we got into the hours of the texts.  They were freakin' killing me!!!!  I would think if neither of them has stepped away from the table to head to the bathroom to text me everything was going well but damn....tell me something!!!

So they FINALLY decide to text me and once they started, they just kept going (and still are).  Both are so smitten with each other and are so excited for a second date.  My "male" friend is one of my best friends.  I actually dated him briefly when we met on This is the type of man you want in your life.  Sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself.  He has been divorced for a long time and has raised his boys pretty much on his own.  He has had some extremely rough times in his life (times which I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy) and he continues to hold his head high.  I try to get together with at least once a month so I can continue to build our wonderful friendship that has blossomed.

My "female" friend I met through David.  She was actually the maid-of-honor when he married his ex-wife.  I met her at Trish's funeral and we instantly became friends.  She is recently separated from a man that always made her feel second best.  She is ready to find the one that makes her feel special.  Honestly, I don't think she has ever felt beautiful.  She's turned out to be a great friend of mine and I know when we hang it's going to be a night full of smiles and laughs.

I wasn't concerned with having them meet because I knew that even if the connection wasn't there, they would both come out of it with a new friend.  But it was there.  They both had such incredible things to say about each other.  She says, "He is everything I expected and more."  He says, "She is freaking AMAZING"  I am in love with their feelings.  If you have never experienced the amazing first date feelings then you are truly missing out on something wonderful.  For me, it has only happened once in my life.  Talking for weeks before actually meeting and feeling like you have a connection with them already.  Then driving to the location for that first date and feeling anxious and excited and the heart is racing, but not feeling nervous.  Then you see the person and WOW you are instantly attracted to them.  Then you move onto the conversation and it's just all there.  Looking into each others eyes and thinking that you could stare into those eyes for the rest of your life.  It's a remarkable's enchanting, magnetic, unusual and wonderful all rolled up into one.

These are memories that I hold so deep in my heart.  I hope my two friends can look back on last night and think the same exact thing.


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