Thursday, January 12, 2012


This post is going to be completely all over the place.  Just a few things I want to get off my chest.

WTF is up with this? Haley insists on wearing her t-shirts tied with a hair tie in the back.  It looks ridiculous and even rides up and her underwear shows.  I make her take it out every single time.  As I was putting laundry away I found 2 of her shirts that still were tied in the back.  And she wonders why she can't find any hair ties when she wants them...they are all attached to her shirts!!! Hate this look!

Wiggly teeth...can't stand 'em!!!  I get super grossed out when the kids wiggle their teeth in front of me.  I get a weird feeling all over when they wiggle them.  Why, why, why do teeth have to fall out?

Pigtails.  I have a pet peeve...anyone over the age of 13 should not be wearing is Halloween or you are having fun in the bedroom ;)

I am a HUGE backseat driver.  David can't stand driving when I'm in the car.

Sports talk radio.  Why?  I hate getting into my car and this is on the radio.  This is basically all David listens to...HATE it.

Why is the Schuylkill Expressway named an "expressway"?  I have been on this road zillions of times and the ONLY time it truly moves at "expressway" speeds is at 2 am on a Sunday morning.

Fitted Sheets.  I can't fold them.  I try and try and try and it still comes out looking like a ball.  Give me a regular sheet or a comforter and I promise I'll fold the hell out of that thing.

Why do they even make sports cars automatic?  We own an automatic mustang...why???  All sports cars should be manual...just sayin'

Sat down with the family to do a small puzzle.  100 pieces and good for ages 3+.  Everyone gave up except for me and it took me forever!!!  It's one of those 2 puzzles in 1.  Ridiculous!!! Ages 3+ my ass!

This is me...sometimes I think I'm a little strange because I like having my picture taken.  The person in the picture has changed over time but I'm still keeping that same big smile.

This is another thing that bothers me...Haley has started texting "kk" instead of "OK" or just "K".  For some odd reason it makes me think of "KKK"'s only 1 letter short, ya know.

Being behind extremely slow moving farm equipment on a one lane back road...enough said.




  1. I just discovered your blog via Scary Mommy. I love it!


  2. haha...that's some funny stuff! Though I have to say I do sometimes put my hair in pigtails...but only on days when I'm not leaving the house.

  3. Hi Marie! Thanks for following my blog! I'm new to this but am loving it. I can tell you that I want to be Scarry Mommy when I grow up :)

  4., no, no on the pigtails!!!! lol

  5. I hate the wiggly teeth too! Jonah also texts the kk thing, it's dumb. Or we are just old!

  6. Such a funny list of complaints. I LOVE wiggly teeth. Oh yes I do. Jill is one of my best blogging friends : ) We have been friends from the very beginning. Don't you just love her?