Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I love, love, love music!  I love to go to a club and dance...even at 38 years old I can shake it. I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music (minus country..I just can't get past the twang).  I'm not a big fan of jazz either.  Everyday when I am baking in the kitchen I have my iPod on and I am blasting the music. I tend to like songs more for a beat than I do the words.  Here is my all time favorite club song (very, very bad were warned):

I will request this song at every club I head to.  The beat is awesome and you can really dance to it.

I am a HUGE fan of hip-hop/rap.  I think the combination of Jay-Z and Kanye West is genius!!!  Here is my favorite from the two of them:

I am not a fan of Kanye West as a person, but his music is so damn good.

Here are two of my other favorites right now.  Neither of them are hip/hop...just great musc:

This is The Garden by Mirah...kick ass beat!

Here is Gravity by Sara Bareilles...absolutely beautiful lyrics and the instruments are so powerful.  I could listen to this woman sing all day long.  The truly is a beautiful song.  I love this one...can you tell?

Here is my all time favorite slow song...Follow you, follow me by Genesis.  I think Genesis/Phil Collins are brilliant.  Nothing beats his voice.  I saw them in concert when they did a reunion tour years ago.  They ended the concert with Carpet Crawlers...brilliant I tell ya!

Alanis Morissette is still my all time favorite female singer.  Her voice is unique and her lyrics...PERFECT.  This is my favorite one, Not the Doctor

Favorite Beatles song...everyone has one!  A Day in the Life

Favorite soundtrack...Into the Wild by Eddie Vedder.  Favorite Song...Hard Sun.  This is one underrated soundtrack.

Hope you have enjoyed :)


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