Monday, January 2, 2012

Mittens & Fluffy

We have two new members of the Brandis-Uriarte family!!  Yippee!!! ;)

Say "hello" to Mittens & Fluffy

Haley purchased herself 2 lizards today.  She saved up her money and purchased the tank, the two lizards, a heat lamp, a UV lamp, the bedding, the food, 2 thermometers and 3 decorations for inside the tank.  Over $160 laters and here they are...

We now have grasshoppers in Haley's room for food and we have meal worms in MY fridge!!!!  MY fridge is reserved for my baking goodies...not anymore!!!! If they are not kept in a fridge, they turn in beatles!!!!  Freakin' beatles!!!!  HATING IT!  I'm all about animals but come on now!!!!

Hamsters, fish, hermit crabs, cats, dogs and now lizards...good freakin' Lord!



  1. where's a snake, i want to feed that brown one to a snake..that one is creepy! the green one is cute. GOOD LUCK!!