Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Go Baby Go!

CLEAR!  Jillian's scans are clear!  She continues to be Cancer Free!!!!

Yesterday was an extremely long, emotional rollercoaster of a day.  I woke Jillian up in the morning, she sat up and her first words were, "Mommy, I know what flavor I want."  When I asked her what she was talking about she said, "The flavor in the mask that they use for me to go to sleep at my hospital."  Amazing!!!!  I love this kid!  She chose grape :)  Here is how it started when we arrived at "her" hospital:
Jillian held her dads hand as she walked into "her" hospital.  She has never complained about going to "her" hospital and is always excited to see her friends (nurses/doctors).  We were pleasantly surprised when we were told that they were running on time.  This is really unheard of.  But, they did take us back right on time and she went off to sleep like the big girl she is.  She was slotted for a 3 hour scan since this was the brain and spine.  Her dad and I have certain things that we do before her scan and during her scan.  We never seem to break from them.  The time seems endless while she is under but you get through.

Jillian always comes out of anesthesia beautifully.  She wakes up and instantly wants to be held.  She normally goes back to sleep while being held for about another hour but not this time.  She woke up, wanted to be held and not long after wanted to eat and drink.  We were in and out of there in no time flat...she's awesome!!!!

We left the MRI department and headed to the cafeteria so Jillian could finally eat (it had been 18 hours).  When Jillian eats right after her MRI...she really eats.  They tell us to take it light, nothing too heavy but Jillian always picks something greasy to eat.  Pizza, fries, chicken fingers...this time it was a ham and cheese sandwich.  We finished up eating and headed to the Oncology clinic.

We always go to the clinic to put them on alert that Jillian had her scans and to keep an eye out for the results.  We were told that our Oncologist had 2 more patients but if we wanted to wait she would add us on as her last appointment.  It would be about a 3 hour wait (it was 4 pm).  We said we would wait.

There we are...all the way in the back corner.  Normally this waiting room is sadly filled.  We closed the place down.  It seems like whenever we are there...we close the place down.  Dr. Belasco came out to take us back and gave us the BIG smile and said, "She's all clear!"  Tears of joy and the big sigh of relief followed!  We looked at her scans and Jillian was examined.  We got the green light that all was good and were sent on our way.  Brian and I have the chance to extend her next MRI out...she will receive her next one anywhere from 8-12 months from now.  We still have to talk it over.

Jillian was promised that after her MRI she could get her ears pierced...she had been asking for awhile.  So, today we headed off to Wal-Mart to get them pierced!!!!

Here she is getting ready!!!

She wanted to hold Haley and Brayton's hands

Getting marked up

Here it comes!!!!
Whoot!  Whoot!  Little hearts! didn't end there!!!  Haley decided to get her cartilage pierced!!
Of course, I can't let the girls upstage me!  At 38 years old, I got my second hole in my lobe and my cartilage pierced!!!  Hip mama!!!
It was a piercing frenzy in the Wal-Mart tonight!
We took a pic with the piercer from Wal-Mart...she was great!

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  1. I am so thankful that everything came back clear. I was praying all day!