Saturday, January 14, 2012

First time EVER I have felt old!!!!

OMFG!!!!!  I'm having a girls night out so I'm getting ready and what the hell do I find...A GREY HAIR!!!!!!  It's my first.  I'm freaking out over here!!!!!  Of course, I pulled it...along with half the hair around it.  I have a minor bald spot now which is much less noticeable than that one grey hair...right?

More to report later...just had to get this one out there!



  1. don't pull them the more u pull the more u get. Amy has them all around the back of her head. big deal u gave me mine now it is your turn

  2. Seriously, your first?! I've had them since 23!!!

  3. Are you serious! Your first? I am younger than you : ) and I have had them for like TEN freaking years. I can't believe that was your first... CRAZY! I am jealous : )