Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Day in the Life

I think that I live a "different" life.  My days are crazy...we call it organized chaos.  Always, always, always something going on, somewhere to be, and something to be done.  Here's just a few things that are typical for me:

I went yesterday to the jewelry store to purchase my wedding band.  We had picked it out, we just needed to discuss it before purchasing it.  So, I head to the store and tell the owner (who I wasn't fond of) that I wasn't willing to pay his asking price.  I got him down two hundred from his asking price and said "SOLD".  I have never, ever negotiated a price for anything.  David was going to do it but I really wanted to try.  It felt good and I was happy with the price I got. The only catch was the guy wanted cash.  I told him that I would be back tomorrow with the cash.  He was fine with that, put the ring in a box and handed it to me.  I was like...HUH?  He said, "I trust you.  You take the ring and bring me the money tomorrow."  UMMMMM....OK?  This guy didn't have my name, address, phone number...nothing.  So, here I am with a very expensive wedding band that I haven't paid for.  To boot...he already sized it for me also.  I have never had anything happen like this before.  I'm not going to lie...I thought about not going back and paying for it.  That was my unique story for yesterday.

So, today rolls around and I head to the bank, withdrawl the money and head back to the store.  Yes, I paid for the ring.  I had some time to waste so I walked around the mall for a little.  As if the expensive ring wasn't enough..I decided to buy myself something (this is a rare thing for me).  Yup, purchased David and the kids something also.  So, as the girl was ringing up my shirt for $12.99, I notice that it rang up as $2.99.  Good Lord...again I'm faced with a slap of honesty.  It took me a few seconds but then I decided to say, "Was that shirt really $2.99?"  The clerk was so happy that I noticed the mistake and said something.  What the heck is my problem??  I could have been up by like $1500 in just 2 days!!!!  I believe in karma and it will all come back to me ten fold.  Right?

Dinner is always a "to do" in our home.  We all sit in the same order but switch seats around the table for each meal.  The person who is at the head of the table gets to pick the music we listen to over dinner and also has to say the prayer.

We go around the table and the kids have to tell us about their day in school.  Then, if we have time, we play the A,B,C game.  We pick a topic and then each person gets a letter of the alphabet to go along with the topic (example...the topic is cars...A, Audi; B, Buick, C, Cadillac).  We go around the table until the alphabet is finished.  It's fun, usually funny and chaotic.  Tonight Jillian decided to dance in her seat, smacked my water and spilled it all over my meal and me.  Never dull.

I LOVE when Jillian and David cook together.  They pretend that they have a British accents.  Here is a video I took of them cooking tonight.  Listen to them talk to each other.  Hilarious

1st part of the video

2nd part of the video

It just always seems like it's something...something out of the ordinary for me.  But, you know what...I wouldn't want it any other way because it works.  It just works.

I figured I would end with a funny story...we didn't get to watch the Winter Classic when it was on so we set the DVR to tape it.  David and I settled in to watch the game, turned it on and not 5 minutes in the doorbell rang.  Our friend was here to pick up his daughter and he heard the game on the television and says, "Are we still down 3-2?"  LOL.  We explained that we haven't watched the game since we taped it and we just started it.  He felt horrible.  It was actually funny.  It's just typical for us :)



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