Thursday, January 5, 2012

The 7 facts...

My job is to list 7 facts about myself that you might not already know about me and then to ask some other bloggies to do the same.  This is actually hard for me to complete because I do think that I am an open book.  I have a few things that only David knows about me and they will not be mentioned here...those are my deepest secrets and I think they should be kept with only the one you love and trust. we go....

1. The Palm Reader.  A few years ago I was at a birthday party and got into a conversation with one of the guests whom I had never met before.  She happen to mention that she was a palm reader.  I do believe in tarot cards and palm readings (I know, I know...I'm a freak) so I asked her to read my palm.  We stepped away from the crowd of the party and she started.  She told me 3 things that stood out in my mind. (1) She told me that I had 3 guys in my life and none of them where "the one" ("E", was the boyfriend, "J" and "K" were there to boost my ego and low self esteem).  "E" and "K" are long gone from my life and although "J" remains in my life as a good friend of mine, he no longer serves any purpose but than just being a friend.  Prediction #1...correct.  (2) She told me that I would start a business.  She said the business would not be profitable or grow into anything large, but I would love what I do and that would be good enough.  This was ridiculous to me.  I had worked in the Title Insurance business for my entire working life.  No way would I ever start my own business.  Insane.  At this point, she lost me...completely.  Day by Day Delectables...yup....this is my business now.  LOL.  I was laid off in October, 2009.  After 19 1/2 years in the business, I was laid off.  I had no idea what I would ever do and then I saw cake pops and fell in love.  I am very, very, very content with my business.  It's not going global by any means but I am just fine with that!!!  Prediction #2...correct.  (3) She told me when and how I would die.  I won't go into detail about this...the only thing I will say is that I will get sick, get better and then get sick again.  I pray almost every single day that this prediction is WRONG!!!

2. Caffeine!!!!! I am 100% addicted to Coca-Cola.  I have been for many, many years.  It is the first thing I drink when I wake up and the last thing I drink before I head to bed.  I have tried zillions of times to break this horrible habit and have failed miserably every time.  I have gotten a lot better though over the past year.  I drink the smaller bottles now and I do mix it up every now and again.  If I didn't have my soda by 10-11 am I would start to feel the withdrawl symptoms.  I don't have that anymore which is really good.  Water is pretty much the only other thing I drink.

3.  Mower.  I have never mowed the grass.  I have never even started a lawn mower.  I wouldn't know where to begin.  I have moved it around the garage from time to time but that's the extent of it.  When I lived on my own, I used to have my dad, the neighbor, the boyfriend, mow.  I didn't even own one when I lived on my own.  Ha!

4.  Boots, Purses & Flops...OH MY! Here are the 3 things that I usually can't resist buying: (1) Boots!!!  I love my boots.  Stilettos, winter boots, rain boots, doesn't matter...I will rock the shit out of them! LOL.  I am very picky though because I have really thin calves and I like a boot that is tight around the calf...hard to find, but I find 'em!  I unfortunately do not own a pair of UGGS.  I once saw an orange pair of UGGS that I fell in love with!!!!  I will find them's my resolution.  LOL (2) Purses!!!  But here's the shocker...not expensive purses.  I will find a bag at CVS that holds make-up and hair crap and use it as a purse.  I do own one Coach purse and D&G purse that I do love.  David purchased me a purse for my birthday last year that I am very much in love with.  It's orange :)  For Christmas he got me a 31 purse that I fell in love with.  YAY ME!  (3) Flip Flops!!!  I buy flip flops like they are never going to be made again.  Every year Old Navy has a $2.00 flip flop sale.  They are so comfortable and the best!  They have such a wide variety of can't go wrong.  When the sale hits...I am sooo there!

5.  Tuna.  When my daughter was 14 months old she was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive brain tumor.  To make a very long story short...she was given a less than 10% chance of survival.  We were told she wouldn't live to see 2 years old.  My daughter is now 8 years old and is CANCER FREE!!!!  When I was pregnant with her I couldn't get enough tuna.  I ate tuna sandwiches almost everyday for lunch.  I do feel responsible for her having the brain tumor.  They say fish is brain food and I ate a lot of it.  The doctors have assured me over and over again that it was not my fault, but I will always hold myself responsible.

6.  Divided Plate.  Cannot stand when my food touches on my plate.  ESPECIALLY when juices from foods touch other food.  I will mix a few things (pork and sauerkraut, peanut butter and jelly, salad and salad dressing) but it's rare.  When I was a kid my mom would serve my meals on divided plates.  David mixes EVERYTHING and now has my kids doing the same....kills me! LOL  I also eat one thing at a time on my plate.  Once I eat one item, I turn the plate to eat the next.  LOL...freaky, freak!

7.  Dates.  I have certain dates in my life that I will always remember.  I consider these dates as significant turning points in my life.  Something happened on each one of these dates that has FOREVER changed my life.  12/22/91; 11/22/2000; 11/29/2003; 2/9/2005; 3/30/2008; 8/1/2008; 11/7/2008; 11/9/2009.


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  1. You pack so much into every post. I don't know what to comment on. I laughed about your skinny calves! : )
    I have fat calves and I can't buy boots to save my life.
    Purses are cool and $2 flip flops just make me smile with glee!