Sunday, January 22, 2012

The 3 Ducks

Between the 2 of us, David and I have 3 kids.  This is going to be a hard post to get my point across in because I'm going to try and describe just how different each of them really are.  Not even close in personalities.

The oldest is Haley.  She is 11 1/2.  Gorgeous, thick, dark brown hair with brown eyes.  She is average in height and weight for her age.  She is an extremely well behaved girl.  Definitely no mistaking that she is her fathers daughter.  She is the mature one of the three.  She is much more mature for her age.  She is extremely responsible.  She usually does her chores without being asked twice and she is great with saving her money for things she wants to purchase. Some may not know this, but Haley's mother passed away about a year and a half ago.  Much too young.  Haley has endured the loss of her mother, like no other little girl.  Sad, but not depressed.  Cried, but was not hysterical.  She never lost focus that she would be ok and that she had to continue living.  She is definitely a daddy's girl.  In school she gets all A's and B's and was upset that she didn't make the honor roll the first marking period.  Parent/Teacher meetings for her are average...she's friendly and a good student.  She's not a fan of reading but let me tell you what she is into...sports.

Haley is the natural talent of all the 3.  Her big sport is softball.  She has made the all-star team every season and will be trying out for a team called Sunday Select on Monday.  This is the best of the best and is a traveling team.  She is good at basketball, gymnastics and field hockey.  She just has that natural talent...she must get that from her mother :)

Haley is our tomboy.  She HATES the color pink and refuses to wear it (right down to pink earrings).  She HATES dresses and skirts.  She purchases boys sneakers and almost always wears her hair in a ponytail.  Haley would like to be a Phillies ballgirl or a teacher when she grows up.

Brayton is our boy.  He is 11.  Dirty blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes.  He is my mini-me.  He is extremely thin and extremely short for his age.  He is always the smallest in his class.  He is in 5th grade but if you saw him, you would probably think more like 3rd grade.  I worry about him when he heads into middle school next year. 

Brayton is our smartie!  We have been told since he was in kindergarten that he is gifted.  He has a photographic memory.  He has been tested twice for the gifted program in Elementary School but didn't make it either time because of his lack of leadership qualities.  He is a definite follower and not a leader.  Bossy sometimes...but not a leader.  He has zero athletic ability.  He played soccer one season and watching him on the field was like dying a slow death.  It was painful.  He does play the violin and also plays in the chamber orchestra.

Brayton is a natural genius.  He does his homework in record time, he never asks questions in class, he never studies and all his tests come back with 100% and above.  He has always gotten straight A's.  He loves, loves, loves to read.  I have never seen a kid read so much.  The kindle or a book are always close by.  He loves to draw and is incredible at it.  He always writes stories or comics.  His imagination is like none I have ever seen before. Parent/Teacher conferences are always the same for him...he's a teachers dream student.  Brayton once said he would like to work at Subway when he grows up.  LOL.  We are banking on him to be our retirement.

Jillian!  HA!  Jillian is our 8 year old blonde haired, blue eyed whippersnapper.  She is small for her age in height and weight, but not like Brayton.  She is almost as tall as him.  As most of you know, Jillian is a brain cancer survivor.  She is our fighter, our miracle, our tough cookie.  She struggles in school.  She holds steady with mostly C's but it's a struggle to keep her there.  She wears hearing aids and is in speech therapy.  I often wonder what she would be like if she wasn't given so much chemo and radiation.  Would she be smarter than she is today?  Would she be better at sports?  All questions I will never have answered.

Jillian is the girlie, girl.  She loves having her hair done up, her nails painted, she would wear heals if I let her.  She has THE WORST fashion sense EVER!  lol.  I make sure I pick out her clothes in the morning because if I didn't, they would probably think she was blind also!  She is obsessed with wearing skinny jeans (this I know she gets from me).  She gives me attitude in the morning if I don't put her in them.  She loves purses, jewelry, headbands, shoes, earrings, blah, blah, blah...  Because of her brain surgery she does have coordination issues.  She tries very, very hard and has improved over the years.  She plays softball and does pretty darn good if you ask me :)

This is a girl that falls at least 3 times a day (trips or slips on something).  Stands up everytime and says "I'm OK."  She says the craziest things I have ever heard.  Just out of the blue, she will blurt something random out that makes no sense.  She really is funny.  Jillian will be the one that will sneak out of the house as a teenager.  NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!  This is totally her!!!!  She's going to be boy crazy also.  I can see it!!!!  She has an iPod and is attached to it.  She loves to text.

Jillian's parent/teacher conferences have been the same also...she is a funny girl and is doing great considering what she has been through but we need to make sure she doesn't fall behind.  When she grows up she would like to be a mom.

We have an athlete, a genius and well...Jillian, the smartass!  Each so different but they seem to get along great.  Rarely do we have to separate them.  I love each and every one of them and just can't even imagine my life without any of them in it.

Thank you, God for bringing these 3 children into my life.  Each is teaching me something new everyday.


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  1. This was my favorite post you ever wrote. I think kids are the best! Way better and more important than all of our grown up issues! : )