Friday, December 30, 2011

Let me count the ways...

This post is dedicated to the one I will marry. So many things I love about this are a few:

1. I love that he wears fleece pajama pants with Smurfs on them

2. I love that he wore a t-shirt on our first date that said, "I don't give a rats ass"

3. I love that when we see The Rocky Horror Picture Show every year, he paints his nails black and puts in an earring

4. I love that he knows every answer to every Seinfeld question

5. I love that he asks for my opinion, listens to it and actually takes it in to consideration

6. I love that he treats my children as if they were his own

7. I love that we don't fight

8. I love that he doesn't make me cry

9. I love that he didn't give a shit about my past

10. I love that when I told him my biggest secret his reply was, "I don't care"

11. I love that we have the same taste in decorating

12. I love that he lets me pluck his eyebrows (my own little bonsai tree)

13. I love that he discusses things with me before making a decision

14. I love that he handles the bills

15. I love that he can see and understand why I did the things I did

16. I love that he plays in a poker league and has something of his own to do outside of the relationship

17. I love that he has always coached his daughters softball team

18. I love that all the girls request to be on "Coach Dave's Team"

19. I love that he's perverted and cocky

20. I love that he tells me every single day how much he loves me

21. I love that he has been at his job forever and has a career

22. I love that I can go out to lunch or dinner with a male friend and he's ok with it

23. I love that he doesn't like how he looks in pictures but still let's me take them anyway

24. I love that he brings me flowers on Halloween

25. I love knowing that he has my back

26. I love that we have a zillion inside jokes

27. I love that he makes up crazy songs...while in the shower

28. I love that he made a promise to his daughter to spend 30 minutes alone with her before she goes to bed every night...and he keeps his promise

29. I love that I have stretch marks and he doesn't care (at least that's the way he makes me feel)

30. I love that he was the winner of an ugly sweater contest...twice

31. I love that he laughs at my jokes...even when they are not funny

32. I love that he cooks (I can bake, but I can't cook)

33. I love that he is involved with all the wedding plans

34. I love that he will at least try my cooking

35. I love that he is friendly enough with my ex-husband to go to a Phillies game with him

36. I love that he was on good terms with his ex-wife

37. I love that he ended the funeral for his ex-wife with a funny story about the two of them

38. I love that he chose me to be the mother figure in his daughters life

39. I love that he changed Holiday traditions to include me and my kids

40. I love that he is almost 40 and has a full head of hair

41. I love that he will go to the store and purchase my feminine products

42. I love that he takes time to think about what he writes inside of a card

43. I love that when my grandfather passed away he went to the funeral even though he never met him

44. I love that he can't dance but will always go to the club with me and get on the dance floor

45. I love that he makes sure I have Coca-Cola in the house for the morning

46. I love that he hates when I wear my scarves in the house (which is everyday in the winter). He says it looks like I'm going to leave at any moment

47. I love that he doesn't like that I left Facebook because he misses seeing my posts on his wall

48. I love that he is an animal lover

49. I love that he attends my kids school functions

50. I love when I ask him if we can change the curtains in our bedroom, his reply is, "You pick them out and buy them, I will hang them."

51. I love that he dresses up as Santa every year

52. I love that when he unwrapped his pair of Zubaz's for Christmas, he got a huge smile on his face (he just can't get out of the 80's)

53. I love that anytime I am driving all I want to do is talk to him on the phone

54. I love that when he runs out to the store he almost always brings me back something

55. I love that he hides little gifts for me to find for no special reason

56. I love that he has given me another daughter

57. I love that he's a computer geek

58. I love that his hands are soft

59. I love that he will slap himself in the face just to get a child to laugh

60. I love that he made me feel like his home is our home

61. I love that we talk out problems instead of screaming about them

62. I love that he has a strange hatred towards Grimace and an equally strange love towards midgets

63. I love that he never watched hockey before I came into his life and now he knows more than me

64. I love that he realizes that I'm not blonde but I have blonde tendencies

65. I love that he once convinced all the neighborhood kids that he was Superman

66. I love that his daughter is his mini me

67. I love that his best friends are still the same ones from when he was a teenager

68. I love that he is not a drinker

69. I love that his favorite number is 69

70. I love that he doesn't smoke

71. I love that he hates NASCAR as much as I do

72. I love that he rarely walks by me without touching me

73. I love that he holds my hand everywhere we go

74. I love that I was with him when he got his first tattoo

75. I love that he says he wouldn't leave me for his celebrity crush Jennifer Love Hewitt (I hate that he's a liar)

76. I love that he would call my office, ask for me, and tell them his name was Brock Lee

77. I love that he hates Christmas carols as much as I do

78. I love that he hates my music but listens to it anyway

79. I love that he remodeled his home so my kids could have there own bedrooms

80. I love that he has a secret handshake with my kids

81. I love that he enjoys stand-up comedians as much as I do

82. I love that he introduced me to the game of softball

83. I love that he talks dirty to me when we are intimate (whoops...did I just say that?)

84. I love that I'm at number 84 and I can still come up with another 84

85. I love that he sucks at hanging mini blinds

86. I love that his money is my money and my money is his money

87. I love that he was the biggest supporter when we started our business

88. I love that he has 2 cell phones and is not attached to either of them (the iPad is a different story)

89. I love that he cried in a restaurant the first time I told him my daughters history

90. I love that he has worn a bracelet to support my daughter and hasn't taken it off once

91. I love that he is excited to wear a wedding band again

92. I love that he knew of me even before we met and still went on a first date with me

93. I love that he has a badass history (google: Uriarte salt cop) lol
94. I love that he has crazy first date stories that are just as good as mine

95. I love that he lets his daughter try all the sports she wants to and never sways her thoughts

96. I love that he recognizes that everyone needs counseling for something sometime in their lives

97. I love that this list comes so naturally for me

98. I love that he makes me feel beautiful (even when my hair is in a ponytail and my glasses are on)

99. I love that he is mine



  1. Oh my gosh. Now I love him too. I am calling Mr. Broc Lee right this second : ) What a beautiful post. Isn't love grand? I always had a good feeling about Broc. I mean David. ; ) Happy new year.

  2. :) Love is VERY grand! Happy New Year to you also, Becky!!