Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Tonight was a BIG day for me.  I cancelled my facebook account.  Yes...I am addicted to facebook.  I have been since day one.  I LOVE seeing pictures of kids growing up, being silly, smiling...I love that I had some friends that made me laugh every single time they posted a status.  I love that I connected with people from high school that I never even talked to back then.  Of course, the people that I was close to I don't even keep in touch with anymore...sad, really.  I'm most grateful for facebook for bringing me together with my fiance', David.  Yes, we met on facebook...gay, I know!  He made a cocky, perverted comment on a mutual friends picture and I found it funny.  I do enjoy me some cocky, perveted comments from time to time ;)

I decided to do away with facebook because I have a past that just won't seem to go away.  I made mistakes in my life and hurt people in my path.  Those people don't want to seem to leave me be.  I'm hoping that by leaving facebook behind...I will leave them behind also.  Have you ever had your heart broken?  I've had my heart broken and also been the one to break a heart.  I feel bad that I took someones love without giving it back.  All I can really say is...everything happens for a reason.  I know my reason.  In the words of Forest Gump...that's all I have to say about that.

I have a lot to say...sometimes too much to say.  David probably wishes he could duct tape my mouth because sometimes I just don't STFU!  I like journaling so I decided to start this blog.  If you were a friend of mine on facebook, you may have heard some of these stories before but they are good for me to get out into the open...it's good for me to let it go.  I love, love, love inspirational quotes.  I will always end my blogs with a positive inspiration.

I pointed out the other day (12/22) to David that it was the day I met my ex-husband back in 1991.  He pointed out that it was 20 years.  Holy shit!  I have known my ex-husband for 20 years???  Damn, I'm getting old :)  I was with my ex-husband for a long time and I like to think that we still have a good relationship.  He may think differently, but I'm ok with living in my fantasy world.  I tell people that I had the fairytale divorce.  We did everything ourselves, we decided on the schedule for our kids, I waived my rights to spousal/child support, and I walked away from a beautiful house.  I left a large home to go live in a 900 square foot trailer.  It was an eye opening experience to say the least.  I failed miserably with taking care of that place...but it was mine!

So, I cried when I deleted my facebook account.  David just keeps saying...I don't like it, I don't like it at all.  Life is going to be different with facebook.  It was the first thing I did in the morning and the last thing I did before bed.  What the hell am I going to do with all my time????  I guess I will be blogging A LOT!!!




  1. Blogging is addictive in it's own way. There will come a day when you wish for facebook again though. It is more instant gratification : )

  2. Although facebook was a big part of "me", I'm feeling good about this.